Veg out

It’s time to start getting ready for Spring?

Now serving homemade cider vinegar

What an exciting day to be bottling our first batch of vinegar it’s been a fascinating, tasty and a little creepy ?


All beds are not the same

we are proud to give you our fresh bed experience

we completely change over everything we use Australian euca laundry detergent it’s lo allergy. We use UV sterilisation for our pillows and blankets

So when you sleep in one of our beds you get that new bed feel

Winter happiness

Walked passed the red wattle and all I could hear was the sound of happy bees ????

The gellibrand river is awaiting

It has been so fantastic to have the kayaks ready to go ?

Blue Sky in winter

The clouds are flying along making beautiful patterns great to be outside ?

Local produce and house made sourdough bread

doesn’t get better than this

Heavy rains and a flooded valley

Exploring the valley from a different prospective there is so much to love about winter